Myst III: Exile – “Main Theme” (Jack Wall)

April 24, 2010

Myst III: Exile (2001) is a tale of revenge. After being imprisoned by the wicked sons of Atrus and believing his family and world destroyed, Saavedro vows his vengeance. He is somewhat mentally unstable, consumed by his hatred. The “Main Theme” from Exile latches onto this theme and intensely executes it with a brilliant force of power and deliberate, calculating machination. The innocence of the children and peoples of Naranai.

Myst III: Exile – “Main Theme” (Jack Wall)

Jack Wall uses an exotic set of instruments that and a scale that recalls Middle Eastern, along with heroic lyrics of revenge that remind me of Italian opera. The track successfully ties elements of all the different Age and character themes as well as the main themes from Myst and Riven into the characters and cultures of Exile (it is particularly easy to pick out the plucking of Robyn Miller’s Myst theme). Though Wall spontaneously came up with the theme one day, it took a considerable amount of polishing and editing to complete. Wall gives a masterful description of his goals and composition of the theme. Here is an excerpt:

The Armenian Duduk for what I imagined the Maral-Obe might sound like; the Sheet Metal for its haunting mystery; Percussion as there was some drums in the village in Riven, so I wanted to reflect that in this score; and, a choir to represent the Narani people who were so affected by the events in the story.

There are lyrics on this page as well, with both English and the fictional Naranai.

Exile‘s composer, Jack Wall (Jade Empire, Mass Effect 2), is a co-founder of the Game Audio Network Guild. He has a nice homepageshowcasing his work. The soundtrack is performed by the Northwest Sinfonia, responsible for Medal of Honor and Halo 3, among others. The album is the only place where the full version of the “Main Theme” is played.

Exile has some imaginative world designs (including one with a giant rollercoaster you unwittingly construct), but I have to admit it was a bit easy in that I beat it in about a week. The special soundtrack could either be purchased separately or included in the Collector’s Edition of the game (along with a pewter Squee toy, which I have to admit I still have sitting on my desk).

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  1. I never knew Jack Wall did a Myst soundtrack.

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