Demon’s Crest – “Memorial of the Fallen Ones” (

April 23, 2010

Demon’s Crest (1994) is a sadly overlooked SNES title based off the Ghosts ‘n Goblins series. The game has a fairly speed and a trick easy-to-achieve ending, but it has solid play control and very detailed graphics. I especially like the wall-grappling ability. The levels which initially appear to be straightforward actually contain many hidden passages that lead to other areas of the stage and hidden bosses and exits. Defeating the different bosses will grant you with new powers that allow you to fly higher, run fast, and travel underwater. Very imaginative stuff. Unfortunately, the game also has a pretty dark tone – the demons have taken over the Earth, and humans are a thing of the past – just piles of bones for the monsters to play skittles with (they probably died because Ghouls ‘n Ghosts was so dang hard! It’s a skull for each time someone lost a life in that game! :). Kind of makes you wonder…

Demon’s Crest – “Memorial of the Fallen Ones”

“Memorial of the Fallen Ones” plays as the game’s credits theme. It’s a very somber, elegiac organ piece, with a lilting melody that calls and responds. It’s almost like a funeral procession. At 2:11, the track transitions from heavy organ to a nice choral section. There’s some string plucking in there too. The credits video shows all the game’s bosses as well as each of the abilities of the magical crests you collected, so it’s probably referring to the dead bosses (rather than the dead people – or maybe both). I’ve shortened the loop as it gets a bit old after awhile. The song is also an arrangement of the first stage theme (“Beyond the Colosseum“). Yes, the very first boss is an undead dragon. Awesome.

Most of the other songs aren’t that memorable, though this main theme is certainly good. I actually don’t know who composed this soundtrack. Judging from the graphics, etc, I’d take a guess it may have involved some of the Mega Man X team, so it’s possible Yuki Iwai composed this one. The ending looks just like a Mega Man X ending, and a lot of the instruments sound similar to those in other Capcom games. Sadly, they didn’t care enough to list the developers in the credits.



  1. I would say the game is more based off the Gargoyle’s Quest series on NES and GB rather than Ghost’s ‘n Goblins, however, as you know, GnG was where Firebrand (Red Arremer) originated. Did you know he’s unlockable in SVC Chaos?

  2. Yeah, Demon’s Crest IS a sequel to the Gargoyle’s Quest series. Which is a spinoff of GnG. Forgot to mention that one.

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