Lost Planet – Extreme Condition – “Main Themes” (Jamie Christopherson)

April 9, 2010

Lost Planet – Extreme Condition (2006, 2007) was one of the games I wanted to get an XBox 360 for. This was the type of game I’d wanted to make (though with a bit more exploration and a bit less cheap boss design). Humans have colonized an ice planet that is infested with giant bugs called the Akrid and so must fight the bugs, the environment – and each other – to survive. Run around in the ice and through blasted cities or jump in mechs and go fight the bugs. It’s a pretty cool concept, and while it wasn’t as well-balanced as it should have been (the last level is a pain in the butt and impossible to control), Capcom did well enough on it to make a sequel (which reminds me of Star Wars: Battlefront and is supposed to come out second week of May). The special edition came with a bonus CD that contained much of the music in 192kbps mp3 format. Here is the “Main Themes”, my favorite track.

Lost Planet – Extreme Condition – “Main Themes” (Jamie Christopherson)

The “Main Themes” is one of the more strongly melodic pieces on the album; most of the other tracks are atmospheric and discordant, consisting of environment and battle themes. As such, the melody stands out even more as a nice piece of hero music dominated by brass and dramatic percussion – particularly the metallic clangs of soldiers and mechanical suits on the move. In the final third of the song, a choral line is added for greater glory. Overall good, solid work.

Jamie Christopherson is a relative newcomer to the vgm scene, having composed Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth (2004) and Bionic Commando (2009). I think he’ll be doing the music for Lost Planet 2. The demo has been out for awhile and well worth it.


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