Final Fantasy VII – “Still More Fighting” (Nobuo Uematsu)

April 7, 2010

First off, “Still More Fighting” isn’t my favorite battle theme from the Final Fantasy series (that would probably be “The Decisive Battle” from Final Fantasy VI). However, because my friend got into a bit of a jam today in his trip to Costa Rica, I decided to post a Daily for him. He got mugged by a 12 year old but managed to escape unharmed and with all his money. This is the exact same music that played when they were fighting (ok, I made that part up, but in games, they have music for literally everything).

Final Fantasy VII – “Still More Fighting” (Nobuo Uematsu)

“Still More Fighting” is the boss theme from Final Fantasy VII (1997). Following with Nobuo Uematsu‘s work in Final Fantasy VI (1994), the boss theme is guitar and organ driven, giving a sense of action and drama while simultaneously reflecting the mix of magic and technology that began permeating the series at about this time. The first two sections of the song are built around a driving guitar beat which later integrates the organ. In the middle section (beginning around 0:40), the organ takes over the melody with the guitar lowered to support. In the final section, a synth line holds the main melody with guitars, strings, and organ used as emphasis and support, building to a crescendo before looping back down to the initial guitar section again. Pretty cool boss theme overall.

Final Fantasy VII is one of Nobuo Uematsu’s most respected soundtracks, though I feel this is primarily due to the game’s popularity; in any event, it’s one of the bestselling soundtracks of all time and can now be gotten off of iTunes for a reasonable price (I think about $20 for four CDs). The man has done practically every game in the series (up to Final Fantasy XII) along with an uncountable number of arrangements and soundtracks. He’s one of the most prolific composers in the industry. The interesting thing about VII though is that fundamentally, the instruments sound quite similar to those in VI – which isn’t surprising considering it was Uematsu’s previous soundtrack and the PlayStation used a similar sound chip to the Super Nintendo. His latest work has been with The Black Mages, a slick rock band that remixes Final Fantasy music (Uematsu plays keyboard). The Black Mages did a fantastic remix of “Still More Fighting” entitled “Those Who Fight Further” in The Black Mages (2003) (the best album in the set if you ask me – it’s got most of the best songs). Black Mages is well worth picking up on iTunes for $9.99.


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