Donkey Kong Country – “Aquatic Ambience” (David Wise)

April 2, 2010

The most prestigious track from Donkey Kong Country, “Aquatic Ambience” captures the calm and serenity of underwater ocean currents in pristine coral reefs. The calming melody can help you drift off to sleep in warm ocean waves. “Aquatic Ambience” has been remixed dozens of times, but this original rendition by David Wise’s Monkey Choir is by far the best. This was the one song by an American composer that was picked for orchestration in the Game Music Concert series. But just how can those apes hold their breaths for so long?

Donkey Kong Country – Aquatic Amience (David Wise’s Monkey Choir)

David Wise’s work was previously featured in the impeccable “Jungle Groove“, the Donkey Kong Country main theme. Here is the full soundtrack for your listening pleasure. You will need to download an SPC Player for it if you haven’t already (I recommend Winamp on PC and Cog on Mac. Even though this is a blatant lie, Linux should have it as native support). This game is fun to play, but you can have more fun with this pro action replay code: 7E001011.


  1. Um, aren’t you a day late for April Fool…? 😉

  2. It was April 1 when I posted it. These are always posted after 10 PM.

  3. I feel for that, god im so dense lol.

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