Legend of Valkyrie – “Main Theme” (Hiroyuki Kawada)

March 24, 2010

Legend of Valkyrie was picked by Scitron as one of the best soundtracks of 1989 in their ‘Best of‘ album. The soundtrack was released in Namco Game Sound Express VOL. 1: Legend of  Valkyrie, and is an arranged version of the original soundtrack. With her first appearance in 1986, Valkyrie is one of the earliest videogame heroines (and also the same age as Samus). Unlike Samus though, Valkyrie does not hide her feminine appearance, but both can kick but just as well as the guys. Sadly, she has the incredibly un-original name of just plain old ‘Valkyrie’.

Legend of Valkyrie – “Main Theme” (arr. Hiroyuki Kawada)

Legend of Valkyrie‘s “Main Theme” is fun to compare with the first stage themes to Sparkster and Detana Twinbee. Each of these three songs expresses the freedom of movement and has a catchy tune built over a steady beat. I suppose it’s definitive of ‘classic videogame music’. Regardless, it’s pretty adventurous and lots of fun. Here is video of the original game. The game looks in some ways like Zelda, and the bright atmosphere of slaying demons and helping the villagers is communicated by the music.

Legend of Valkyrie was composed by Hiroyuki Kawada (Winning Run, Dragon Spirit). He was one of Namco’s first composers and is still making new music today. There was a nice symphonic remix of this on Namco Game Music Grafiti Volume 6. (Sounds like the album was a bit scratched up though).


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