Artura – “Dublin Delight” (arr. Makke)

March 18, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day deserves some good Irish drinking songs, and as luck would have it, there’s been at least one good drinking song in game music, “Dublin Delight”. Here we have a classic tale where man outwits the devil (or rather resists temptation) – kind of ironic when taken as pub music, though I suppose most Irish drinking songs decry drunkenness, despite being sung by drinkers themselves.

Artura – “Dublin Delight” (arr. Makke)

“Dublin Delight”, originally used for some good old medieval hack ‘n’ slash, fits well with the pub atmosphere, and Makke’s accent is pretty spot-on, making for a rollicking good time. The track was originally posted on OCRemix back in 2005. The track is the main theme from the fairly obscure sidescrolling action game Artura (1988), a C64/Amiga/DOS classic composed by the skilled Ben Daglish. The game is loosely based off the Arthur legend where a knight (Artura) must rescue ‘Merdyn’s apprentice from your evil half-sister Morgause. Hmm… I wonder who THOSE people could be!

Incidentally, I had a coworker once who completely loathed vgm and thought this song was crap because it didn’t use real instruments (needless to say, I don’t remember getting along with these guys very well). Elitist stances like this make you lose out on a lot of great music that’s out there. If you don’t like how something sounds, that’s ultimately taste and has nothing to do with the aesthetics of composition, arrangement, and performance. For every Bob Dylan, there’s a million other guys who can’t play guitar very well, and just as much crap as there is in vgm. Regardless of what kind of music you listen to, if it moves you, then I would say that artist has succeeded. That’s what I’m trying to get across with this blog.


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