Chrono Symphonic – “Blue Skies Over Guardia” (Darkesword)

March 10, 2010

Chrono Symphonic (2006) was an interesting project begun to orchestrate the Chrono Trigger soundtrack as if it were a film. The authors produced a symphonic story based on remixers’ interpretations of the different themes. While it does not cover the entire Chrono Trigger narrative, it’s still a marvelous piece of work. While I like most of the album, Darkesword’s “Blue Skies Over Guardia” is one of my favorites. The whole soundtrack is available through the project’s homepage.

Chrono Symphonic – “Blue Skies Over Guardia” (Darkesword)

“Blue Skies Over Guardia”, though not originally a part of Chrono Symphonic, fits the soundtrack quite well, invoking images of blue skies, white clouds, and a warm breeze amidst the height of peaceful days. The music takes great bounding steps similar to the races at the fair and the joy of dashing about to find what all is in the faire. The theme also makes excellent use of church bells – bells of celebration and also in reference to the millennium bell. Some nice brass gives a mellow feel to the song, while the piano plays the role of tiny bells that dance and twinkle with joy. There’s also a bit of a fun ethnic feel through the bongo drums. “Blue Skies Over Guardia” is thus all about celebration and peace, a very calming meditation on the happiness of the folk during simpler days. It ends just as it begins – with a fading of bells. The final bell toll at the end symbolizes the millennium bell, which initiates a rise to action. The OCRemix page goes into a bit more detail.

Darkesword has composed many excellent tunes, and “Blue Skies Over Guardia” is one of my favorites. It is also one of two fun remixes of “Guardia’s Millennial Fair.” The other, “Jethro and Vash at the Fair” I think will be tomorrow’s Daily.


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