Submarine Attack – “Into the Deep” (Destiny, zyko)

February 11, 2010

If you really like vgm, then you will eventually become bold and begin to listen to music for games you’ve never played – let alone heard of. The old Sega Master System game Submarine Attack (1990) is one of these. I’d never even seen a screenshot of this game before I heard the song, but I will say I loved it from when I first downloaded the song on VGMix, and this love for the piece hasn’t ceased to this day. Sadly, the original composer isn’t known (mainly b/c nobody’s beaten this game and loaded the credits onto Mobygames). The odd thing is, listening to this song made me want to play the game, but apparently, this obscure Sega game isn’t worth playing – though the mix is certainly amazing!

Submarine Attack – “Into the Deep” (Destiny, zyko)

There’s something of an idyllic submarine warfare atmosphere in this track, from the 19th century violin playing a kind of sea shanty to the exotic shakuhachi flute – you can almost see the light filtering through the waves and onto the submarine and ocean rocks. At 1:50 there is a lovely violin solo that breaks into a guitar solo at 2:10 which transitions smoothly into an atmospheric section dominated by violin. You can literally feel the submarine sailing through the waves as the water dashes against the rocks. This is pure sensation, and I love these guys for it. Anyway, OCRemix goes into a deeper review of the piece.


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