Mega Man X2 – “Congregation of the Fallen” (Protricity)

February 10, 2010

“Congregation of the Fallen” (2006) is my other favorite remix by Protricity. The original piece, “Metamor Mothmeanos Stage” by Yuki Iwai (Marvel Superheroes, R-Type Final), plays in the junkyard stage of Mega Man X2 (1994), which is a pretty fun level with one of the more original bosses in the series. She composed the entire soundtrack, as well as Rockman: The Power Fighters and ROCKMAN X ALPH-LYLA, the jazz album.

Mega Man X2 – “Congregation of the Fallen” (Protricity)

“Congregation of the Fallen” is a fun blues piece with a strong, memorable main melody Capcom is known for. The piece is built around a guitar and synth line, which gives it a nice feel of bionic infection. The level itself felt a bit like Aliens with a military infiltration of a junkyard maze, complete with face-sucking flying robot bugs. Again, drum beat has a nice, hip rhythm while the synths evoke the feel of the junkyard – its vast, sprawling ruin, disrepair of the machines; it is a graveyard for robots. Into this contested space comes Mega Man, who restores order by destroying the robot master at the heart of it.

There’s a nice synth break at 2:18 with saxophone, which is a fun bridge into the second half of the song. The piece contains multiple loops of the original, so the track feels in some ways like it goes a bit longer than it really does (and it’s a long piece at 6:22), but there’s nice variation to each section, so it remains interesting. The end, starting 5:05 is a nice wrap-up to the piece, almost like nightfall in the junkyard with the moon rising above smog-choked skies.

So the junkyard stage is notable for two things: first, the bugs that possess giant battle robots and the second, the boss, the Morph Moth. Morph Moth is a pretty cool boss with two parts – the first, a larva with a junk gravity gun and the second a moth that drops poisonous dust and shoots a powerful beam lazer. Pretty cool as most Mega Man bosses (aside from final ones) have only one stage.


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  1. Just an FYI, a completely redone and revamped version of this song will be released with the MMX Album (or that’s the plan at least) so 😀

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