Unchosen Paths – “Rancid Purgatory” (Goat)

February 5, 2010

Who knew that game death could sound so awesome? I’ve got a second great track from Unchosen Paths, a fun number called “Rancid Purgatory”. Yes, it’s two from the same album in two days, but the album is that good. By the way, his song titles are really imaginative and show great respect for the original music while helping paint a picture of the scene.

Unchosen Paths – “Rancid Purgatory” (Goat)

“Rancid Purgatory” is a remix of “Dying” and “Game Over”, the death and game over screen jingles. As the original tracks are only about 15 seconds long total, and “Rancid Purgatory” runs 4:00, the track is by far the most original of the songs on the album – and it’s a fantastic piece of work, and in many ways my favorite piece on the album. There are some nice riffs in the main melody, which opens with a nice bell toll. Heavy guitars are used enhanced by strings (in some places with nice variation, like 1:00). Coupled with the tolling church bells, this gives a full range of sound to complement the melodic progression. I really dig those mournful bells at 2:00, as their deep, hollow sound really fills out the guitar line – and of course the demonic chuckle at 2:20 is a fantastic touch.

The high notes on guitar at the end of each section of the loop (0:30, 1:30, and 3:30) are extensions of the “Game Over” theme, and give a fantastic gothic feel to the more pastoral/memorial sense of the original: it’s more mechanical, with technical attention to intricate detail. It does a good job of showing off Goat’s guitar style, which is very conscious of each note he plays. And then of course, the final notes of this section serve as the final epitaph.

The final bit of interesting information about Unchosen Paths is that while it was released as individual tracks and composed over a long period of time, Goat says they do not have a ‘final order’ but rather a ‘suggested play order’ based on the sound of each track and how it relates to the others. Two long medleys, “The Scourge of 1691” and “Creeping Dusk” incorporate other tracks from the Castlevania III soundtrack that did not get their own personal remixes (as well as mixing together tracks from the first and second games as well as the PS2 titles). I don’t really follow Goat’s suggested playlist and always stick “Rancid Purgatory” at the end.



  1. I don’t follow goat’s suggested track order either. Instead I use the same order in which the tracks appear on the original soundtrack release. Thus Rancid Purgatory comes after Pools of Rust (Stream) and before Froggy Mosh (Dead Beat).

  2. i think i have replayed this song about 8 times now. very good.

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