What’s Pink and Sucks? – “Intro/Title” (arr. Xoc)

February 1, 2010

What’s Pink and Sucks? asks Xoc, the creator of this Kirby’s Adventure (1993) remix album. Don’t let his wimpish exterior fool you – Kirby is a badass who can outeat the Colbert hamburger man and outfight killer phoenixes, mechanical knights, and id-shadow demons. Kirby is kind of like the Chinese (or the Japanese) in this aspect: he consumes everything and then assimilates the digestible bits it into something new. Eat a monster and then steal its power, basically a multi-purpose Mega Man. The soundtracks also have a unique feel to them – bubbly and happy, gluttonous and daring, just like Kirby’s personality. I just wouldn’t get on his bad side – this power-puff eats bikers! (Thank you, disembodied sophisticated British voice!) Xoc takes the spirit of Jun Ichikawa and Hirokazu Ando‘s compositions (responsible for pretty much the entire Kirby series) and gives them a spin.

What’s Pink and Sucks? – “Intro/Title” (arr. Xoc)

Xoc is known for both his humor and imaginative usage of instruments. (This is the same guy who played “Mother Brain” from Super Metroid on an accordion!) “Intro/Title” is a perfect example of this. The “Intro” section is played with a telephone. The mix of a traditional Japanese-style song with lo-fi modern technology is a nice post-modern rendition, particularly considering the Intro screen’s ‘how to draw Kirby’ animation. He then follows in with some awesome high-fi beats and guitar with creepy breathing/speaking (hard to make out what he’s saying!). It’s like Samurai punks! With the “Title” section, Xoc takes the bubbly feel of the original and renditions it with samples of him singing different notes accompanied by his guitar. The distortions are also fun, dj mixing. Nobody can quite do instruments like him.

Xoc is a pretty active remixer/digital music artist with a VERY extensive homepage. He’s probably best-known for his Super Mario World remix album (another classic – link to the “Goldinum Edition” on his homepage). He composes his music by first laying down the drum and bass layer and then adding melody with whatever instruments come to mind at the time. As a result, it’s an instrumental collage that’s pleasing and ever-surprising to the ears. Aside from remaining very active in the mixing scene, he also hosts part of MAG Radio. Oh yeah, he also did the voiceover for the “Item Room” track in Metroid Metal’s Varia Suite.


  1. The spoken part repeated at the beginning of the track is what it says on the intro screen of the game while it’s drawing Kirby. “First you draw a circle, then you draw the eyes. Add a great big smile and presto! It’s Kirby!”

  2. Thanks! I was wondering that 🙂

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