Perfect Selection Konami Shooting Battle – “Battles of Battleship” (Naoto Shibata)

January 30, 2010

I have to apologize to everyone who tried to download the Blaster Master file last night – the link was broken! However, it’s been fixed now, so you can listen to some Sunsoft goodness. Today’s is another rock track, this time “Battles of Battleship” from Perfect Selection Konami Shooting Battle (1993).

Perfect Selection Konami Shooting Battle – “Battles of Battleship” (Naoto Shibata)

“Battles of Battleship” is a pretty epic rock track. The theme is from Thunder Cross II and recalls images of a giant fleet in the middle of a star field. The lone fighter craft must fly through the armada to destroy the mothership! This is a long, grueling task, and the slow, methodic nature of the theme suggests this.

Thunder Cross II is a pretty solid shmup. The original piece was composed by Miko Saitou (aka Metal Yuhki; Dracula X PCE, Ninja Gaiden Arcade). The original used an FM synth that felt close to real rock guitars, so it’s nice to hear it with the real thing. Incidentally, there is another remix of this track on Konami All-Stars 1993: Music Station of Dreams, arranged by Mikio Saitou. You can read up more on the game on HG101.

I really enjoy the Battle albums. They’re very well-composed with some excellent guitar work. The metal arrangements really breathe new life into some of Konami’s great pieces, so it’s a shame these are out of print and impossible to find without sacrificing your firstborn son. I will say though the album art is kind of weird – lazer zaps floating through hyperspace. But it’s still got that early ’90s metal feel.


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