Blaster Master – “Rocket” (arr. Prozax)

January 29, 2010

UPDATE: Link is now working!

Blaster Master (1988) is one of those cool Sunsoft games that never quite made it into the next generation of game systems. An interesting combination of Metroid and Bomberman, the game was defined by both the giant tank and the astronaut cave missions, as well as the ridiculous ‘Go rescue your pet frog!’ story (the GBC version doesn’t make too much more sense either!). The game was also pretty brutal as it had no passwords or saves – you have to play it in one sitting! However, like most Sunsoft games of the time, it had a fantastic soundtrack. Here is a remix interpreted by Dan Orosz (aka Prozax).

Blaster Master – “Rocket” (arr. Prozax)

Though “Rocket” plays in Stage 3, I feel it actually makes a nice introductory song for an album. The acoustic intro is slow and calm, giving the sense of emerging into the sunlight and into the rocket ship. About 30 seconds in, the track picks up with an 8-bit alarm for the rocket launch before jumping into some fantastic guitar, drum, and cymbal action. The only real downside to this piece is that it feels like it could have gone for about another 60-90 seconds; instead it just kind of fades out.

“Rocket” was one of the first remixes on OC Remix, produced in 2000. Even so, and at 128kbps standard of the time, the quality of the sound is very good, which helps it stand up 10 years later.  The track was eventually removed from OCR after a dispute over administration decisions resulted in a falling out of some of the original members and Prozax left OCR to help form VGMix, who requested all their songs be removed from the page (actually, the copy here is from OCR before it was taken down!). These and other tracks eliminated from the OCR database are available on OC Removed (and some of them aren’t really worth listening to, but there are a few gems like this one).

Blaster Master was composed by Naoki Kodaka (Albert Odyssey 2, Journey to Silius). He was also responsible for composing Batman on the NES, another fantastic NES soundtrack. However, Blaster Master is his best-known work (and also appears to have been his debut). He would probably be a bit more widely known if Sunsoft hadn’t folded after the NES era. The Stage 1 theme is a classic.



  1. Best intro to a game EVAR!

  2. Any chance of a link to the song?

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