Is it VGM? “Vampire Prince Alucard” (Jangli Jaggas)

January 18, 2010

The final entry in this series of “Is it VGM?” is “Vampire Prince Alucard” (1999) by the Pakistani goth metal band Jangli Jaggas from their album Vampire Dance Volume 1 (2001). The music is inspired by the videogame Castlevania – Symphony of the Night (1997) but is completely original and an illustrative poem about the game’s protagonist, Alucard (son of Dracula). Jangli Jaggas has produced many songs inspired by the games But it raises an interesting question: can music inspired by a videogame be considered vgm?

Vampire Dance Volume 1 – “Vampire Prince Alucard” (Jangli Jaggas)

“Vampire Prince Alucard” is a fun guitar-driven tune with some fantastic atmospheric elements (thunderstorm). It has a bit of a baroque feel through the harpsichord but is straight up metal. Jangli Jaggas has written about a dozen Castlevania-inspired songs (including what apparently is a “Theme of Simon” remix that I’d LOVE to get my hands on) and they also wrote short descriptions to help imagine the scene. This particular one seems inspired as much by Castlevania as by Vampire Hunter D

It’s a dark and rainy night. Lots of lightning and thunder. In a distance, Alucard enters the scene riding an awesome horse. He rips thru the darkness… FWOOOSH! From there, just imagine Alucard looking extremely cool on the horse, cape flowing and stuff ^_^. Imagine, imagine, imagine….
The band’s two members are Nasir Tajuddin and Rickard Slotte. “Vampire Prince Alucard” is originally a mod using sequenced guitars, but I converted it to MP3 so it will be more easily playable. Here is the original .it file, which contains a lot of nice liner notes. I also kind of wonder how they’re doing now, considering all the madness that is happening in Pakistan.

Music inspired by videogames is an interesting case. On the one hand, it is easily filed in the music section under ‘vgm’. Where else would you put something like Project Dracula – Gensou Kumikyouku? (Which is another interesting case in that it is a concept soundtrack for a game that does not exist.) On the other, vgm in the strictest sense is ‘music composed or arranged for a videogame or a remix of said music’. In this case, original music inspired by a game falls into another one of those gray areas (which a lot of the tracks I’ve uploaded this week do). I suppose it partly depends on the composer – does he want the music to sound like music from the game or does he want the music to belong within the game world? However, I will have to take the stricter interpretation that this is not vgm (even though it could very well belong in the vgmdb!).



  1. Hey, I remember this song!

    *Listens to it again*

  2. Thanks for listening to and enjoying Jangli Jaggas. We’re still here composing, and about to release a new album in 2010 called Emperion Liege. Yes, things have been a bit crazy in Pakistan, but its nothing like what the media shows. Thanks once again for your support. Do visit our last.fm page for more music and details on Emperion Liege.

  3. jangli jaggas last.fm page is located here:

  4. Hi Nasir! Thank you for visiting the blog! Sent you an e-mail awhile back, but I’m not sure you got it? Glad to hear things are going better in Pakistan than we hear and that you guys are ok and still producing music! BTW, did you ever make that Theme of Simon remix mentioned in the tags for Vampire Prince Alucard?

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