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Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Holiday Hare ’98 – “White Hare” (Alexander Brandon)

December 27, 2009

Today’s Daily is a special request: a tune from Jazz Jackrabbit (you can request tracks through e-mail or posting a response and I’ll try and get to them). I picked “Holiday Hare” from Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Holiday Hare ’98 (PC) out of the selection. This was a shareware bonus disc that added and modified levels to the basic version.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Holiday Hare ’98 – “White Hare” (Alexander Brandon)

“White Hare” is a bit more subdued in its borrowing of traditional Christmas tunes than the original Holiday Hare, with plenty of sleigh bells, rock guitar, and original melody and only a short reference to Jingle Bells. It’s a short, enjoyable piece with plenty of snow dashing and rabbit leaps to go around. I don’t have credits, but the track is probably composed by Alexander Brandon (Tyrian, Unreal, Deus Ex), who did the rest of the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 games.

Jazz Jackrabbit is a series of action platformer games for the PC based off console titles like Mario and Sonic. In this game, the player is a rabbit who fights tortoises, following the ‘tortoise and the hare’ story. The series was designed by Cliff Bleszinski (Gears of War) and the protagonist is a Buck Rogers-type action hero while his brother, Spazz, is exactly that. Just don’t ask why he’s green.