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Lime Odyssey – “Theme of Lime Odyssey -piano ver” (Yasunori Mitusda)

December 26, 2009

There’s times when I hate finding out about something really special after it happens – particularly if it’s very soon after it’s over. This is the case with the Lime Odyssey piano remix posted by Yasunori Mitsuda on his studio’s website, Procyon Studio. This lovely piano piece was available from December 21 to December 24 (Japan time) as a Christmas present to his fans. Thankfully, someone recorded a copy off the homepage and uploaded it to the web (in 160kbps though – nobody seems to understand that this is no longer the 90s; however, there might be a Flash version hiding somewhere if you ask the right person). In case you missed it or didn’t hear about it, here is the track. Note there is a slightly higher quality version streaming from this site (YouTube compresses audio WAY too much).

Lime Odyssey – “Theme of Lime Odyssey -piano ver” (Yasunori Mitsuda)

The “Theme of Lime Odyssey” has a nice peaceful, Christmasy feel to it. It gives a sense of snow lazily falling on a snowy lane, or perhaps also great open green fields in bright sunshine; it’s the notes falling softly like wind or rolling water. Like much of Mitsuda’s other work, this song can easily stand on its own as a chamber piano piece. Thankfully, I have a good feeling that he will put this on CD when the game, a Korean MMORPG, is released sometime next year (why make music if you have no intention of letting others hear it?). Mr. Mitsuda should also be finishing his Chrono Cross remix soundtrack, perhaps also in March. No doubt it will be announced on his Twitter account as soon as it’s ready!

I actually heard about this special through a friend who found it on Destructoid this morning, after it had been reported by Original Sound Version on the 23rd. The only place you can really find useful news like this is by checking OSVĀ the main page, which is the number one hub for game news. I don’t check it very often myself, but here are a few fantastic bits of news of recent:

A 19-disc Castlevania Soundtrack Collection featuring unreleased music from Nocturne in the Moonlight, Vampire Killer, and Castlevania Legends ($230, and probably will only be available only through the Konami Store to people who live in Japan – boo! I want one, but I already own most of the discs on the album! VGMWorld and Play-Asia will probably carry copies, slightly marked up, of course.)

Contra 4: Rocked ‘n Loaded, a metal mix album that will be available at MAGFest on New Year’s (if you’re in the Virginia area, it’s well worth checking out).