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Super Metroid: Sound in Action – “Theme of Samus” (arr. Yoshiyuki Ito & Masumi Ito)

December 24, 2009

It’s time for another Metroid tune, this time a remix from Super Metroid – Sound in Action (1994), which contains remixes and game recordings from the original Metroid and Super Metroid. This tune is “Theme of Samus Aran, Galactic Warrior” and is a wonderful tune illustrating the power and determination of Samus, the game’s protagonist. The drums evoke the sense of strength, power, and determination Samus has in her suit, as well as a sense of her movement within it. This is very important as the track plays during the exploration of the overworld, where there are many cliffs to climb and places to explore; the harp that plays in the middle section gives a sense of encountering these new areas for the first time, of climbing over a cliff face and seeing a vast new landscape ahead.

Super Metroid – Sound in Action – “Space Warrior Samus Aran’s Theme (Arrange Version)” (Yoshiyuki Ito & Masumi Ito)

The original version contains a more layered composition, with each instrument, even the drums, banging out the tune of the song. Unfortunately, this is something that got kind of lost in the mix, but it is still very powerful.

The “Theme of Samus” plays in two areas of Super Metroid. The first is in the outside of Crateria, the surface area of Planet Zebes, Read the rest of this entry ?