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Suite Wizardry II – “Opening Theme” (Kentaro Haneda)

December 20, 2009

Here’s a nice orchestral theme from Suite Wizardry II – The Legacy of Lylgamyn (1989) that oddly enough fits the holiday spirits – it must be the bold brass, airy strings, pipe organ, and harpsichord. This is a wonderful, peaceful opening theme that sets the stage for the fantasy epic outside the cloistered walls of your home. It is at once intimate and sweeping, recalling legends from days gone by.

Suite Wizardry II – The Legacy of Llylgamyn – “Opening Theme” (Kentaro Haneda)

Llylgamyn is a land that has been plagued by natural disasters. The heroes enter a volcano and ascend it to find the Orb of Scrying in the hoard of the dragon L’kbreth. The original Wizardry III was produced in 1983 in the US for the Apple II by Sir-tech Software and was later ported to the Famicom in 1990 as Wizardry II (they skipped a couple, kind of like what happened to Final Fantasy in the US). It’s a first-person dungeon crawler with big mazes to explore and many monsters to fight.

The album uses a synthesizer orchestra but also has a string quartet with two violins, a viola and a cello. The composer, Kentaro Haneda, is on the synthesizer. Kentaro Haneda, passed away back in 2007. He had composed the Famicom and Super Famicom soundtracks to the Wizardry series and worked on arrange albums of the Ys series as well as many anime soundtracks.