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Kukeiha Club pro-fusion ~Salamander~ – “Fire Tripper” (Motoaki Furukawa)

December 19, 2009

Another shmup mix for you, this time “Fire Tripper” from Salamander 2 (1996) as remixed in Kukeiha Club pro-fusion (1996). I remember finding this on Slightly Dark. It immediately became one of my favorite albums on the site because it was so calming. You can just sit down and mellow out. How’s the war today? It’s mellow, man…

Kukeiha Club pro-fusion ~Salamander~ – “Dear Blue” (Motoaki Furukawa)

This album has more great jazz-rock fusion that the Kukeiha Club is known for, so the pro-fusion albums are great if you can track down copies of them. There’s some smooth keyboard piano here and Motoaki Furukawa takes the guitar nice and slow – check out how long he holds the notes in a few places; there’s some real emotion in there. With these, you can just hit play, sit back, and relax to the vibes. It’s definitely a bit different from a lot of other vgm you might have heard.

Again, this piece is a mix of keyboards and live instruments with good old Motoaki Furukawa on guitar (this guy’s done like a hundred albums), Toyoyuki Tanaka on bass, Tappy Iwase (Contra Spirits) on percussion and Mami Asano on keyboards. Salamander 2 was originally composed by Naoki Maeda (DDR, Beatmania) and You Takamine. Salamander is a sort of companion series to Gradius, though a lot smaller. It has similar enemies and music, but a different villain.