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Every Time I Bang -ZERO- – “Opening Stage/Rockman 2” (Kissing the Mirror)

December 10, 2009

This track is a remix from Mega Man X2 by the group Kissing the Mirror (Wooming, Ike Fuck, Arisu Fujimi). It is from the album Every Time I Bang -ZERO-. Ok, despite the incredibly weird band name, album cover, and artists, this is actually a really cool rock cover of one of the coolest songs from Mega Man X2, the Opening Stage. These guys also did a set covering tracks from Mega Man X. The original track was composed by Yuki Iwai. This track comes on the heels of the announcement of Mega Man 10, which features the cunning Sheep Man.

Every Time I Bang -ZERO- – “Opening Stage/Rockman X2” (Kissing the Mirror)

This track plays in the opening level of Mega Man X2 (Rockman X2 in Japan), and is pretty energetic, with a lot of guitar action and synth support. X is storming the new Reploid base. The original also had a kind of synth organ feel to it that added a lot of drama, and the synths they used in here do a great job of replicating that. Mega Man X music was really made for guitar, and so it’s great to find a band like Kissing the Mirror who can do some amazing covers that really sound like they could fit in the originals.