Axelay – “I Know You Can Beat That Spider” (Scaredsim)

November 27, 2009

Ok, so today’s Daily was going to be something completely different, but my server is completely full, so we’re gonna get something else. Thankfully, that something else is also pretty cool, even if it is following the trend of shmup music. This track is a remix from the 199 Konami classic, Axelay (SNES) from the April 2008 Free Month on Dwelling of Duels. (This was actually a second-place finisher, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome). An interesting note was that Axelay‘s ending says there will be a sequel, but it’s now been over 17 years, and I don’t think a sequel is coming any time soon.

Axelay – “I Know You Can Beat That Spider” (Scaredsim)

This is a remix of “Unkai (1st BGM)”, originally composed by Taro Kudou. It’s a completely rocking energetic first level theme. There is fine use of guitar here as well as synth, making it for more of a straight up cover than an actual remix of the track, which had a great anime feel to it (actually some of the later tracks, such as the final stage theme, have a wonderful anime hero music tone to them). The Japanese name of the track means “Sea of Clouds” and is a literal description of the first level, which is a giant clouded landscape that makes fine use of the SNES’s Mode-7 capabilities (and actually one of the few games that I thought used it very well). Oddly enough, there seems to be more boulders than clouds here…

Scaredsim’s title refers to the Level 1 boss, which is a giant spider. That shoots lasers. Aaand here’s the spider:

And now you know. And knowing is half the battle. (Go Joe.)

Anyway Dwelling of Duels is a completely awesome site with a monthly contest where mixers compete to compose the most rocking track of the month based on that month’s challenge. The only stipulation is that the track be composed in the month of the challenge and that the lead instrument be performed rather than synthesized. While most tracks are rock guitars, there are also piano mixes and violins. Check out the winners of the past duels.

Scaredsim is a French vgm mixer and composer who actually has quite a prolific career. Check out his mixes.


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