Vapor Trail Arrange Version (arr. Hiroaki Yoshida)

November 26, 2009

Here’s another of my favorite tracks, “Vapor Trail (Arrange Version)” from the album Vapor Trail (1990). This track was reprinted recently in Game Sound Legend ~ Speed and Wind (2004), which contains a few other fantastic mixes collected from various albums. Vapor Trail is a forward-scrolling shooter similar to Raiden, only using jets instead of spaceships. The game was developed by Data East.

Vapor Trail Arrange Version (arr. Hiroaki Yoshida)

This is a pretty slick rock mix of “Vapor Trail” with great pacing and theme variation. The beat actually makes it seem almost as if it’s surfing music. The break at 3:50 is a great transition into the ending theme, which gives a sense of mission accomplished and landing back at base. There is a light blues tone here, which lets you know how cool this cat is.

The track is performed by the Gamadelic Data East Sound Team:

Guitar: MARO (Hiroaki Yoshida)
Bass: Atomic Hanada (Seiichi Hamada)
Drums: Orega Miura (Takafumi Miura)


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