Never Released: Warcraft III – “Humans 1” (Andrea G. Pessino)

November 23, 2009

Warcraft is one of those rare games that reinvents a genre not once but twice. The series is most popularly known today for World of Warcraft, the addictive and incredibly popular MMORPG; however, the series was originally known for defining and then redefining the real-time strategy game (RTS) by pitting Orcs and Humans in an endless struggle for control over the land of Azeroth. This track is a beta theme from Warcraft III composed in 2001 that never made it to the final version of the game. Blizzard released three of these tracks by Andrea G. Pessino that sadly never made it into the game, which was finally finished in 2002. As such, this is the first vgm that never was, “Humans 1” from Warcraft III.

Warcraft III – “Humans 1” (Andrea G. Pessino)

Bold brass, valorous strings, royal flutes, strong drums, and dirge bells make for a fantastic theme for the Humans that simply oozes medieval military at its zenith. The track has a very strong theme that is repeated in different variations throughout, with an excellent break at about 2:50 to focus on the drums, making for an excellent battle segment. The track’s dynamics make for a fantastic listen that follows in direct spirit with Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness (1995). Sadly, you don’t get the full range of sound because the track was only encoded at 160kbps (as far as I know, no higher quality version was ever publicly released).

Pessino’s music never made it to the final version of the game, but he did contribute to Warcraft III as a composer. (He’s one of those rare talents who excels in two areas of game development.) The final soundtrack for Warcraft III: Tides of Darkness, composed by Tracy Bush and Glenn Stafford, et. al. and is far removed from the strong melodies of the second game, seeking a more atmospheric and subdued feel similar to Starcraft. Which is interesting because Stafford was the composer behind Warcraft II and Starcraft.


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