Die Katze von Schrodinger – “MARBURG ~Town of Legend~ (Yuriko Nakamura)

November 18, 2009

This soundtrack is from an incredibly obscure game. In fact, about the only information that exists about Die Katze von Schrodinger on the web is a video of the intro and this cryptic description: “Travel through time and visit medieval Europe and the Mu Empire in this surreal adventure game.” I honestly can’t tell if it’s got 3D graphics or sprites. The cover shows some odd-looking woman carrying a suitcase. Apparently she’s looking for this cat (a cat that can exist in two states simultaneously). Actually, don’t bother checking that intro video – it’s just BAD CG from 1996. The album was discovered back in 2004 by Slightly Dark, the experts in rare and obscure vgm (and one of the best communities for vgm on the web!).

Die Katze von Schrodinger – “MARBURG ~Town of Legend~ (Yuriko Nakamura)

Anyway, “MARBURG” is a simply lovely guitar piece with a wonderful wood flute, giving it a quaint medieval feel. The violin that kicks in at about 1:40 is very strong and has great timbre to it while the simple percussion instruments give it nice pacing. Nothing short of charming. I think your imagination will paint a better image than what the game actually is…

It actually feels a bit more like an anime soundtrack than a game soundtrack due to the composition style and also the fact that the songs are composed as full pieces with beginning, middle, and end rather than as loops. The soundtrack has some nice piano pieces in it as well. I’m also going to guess the game’s composer, Yuriko Nakamura, is classically trained (she’s also quite pretty!). Sadly, there aren’t any other games she’s documented with composing.


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