Journey to Silius – Stage 2 (Naoki Kodaka, et al)

November 17, 2009

Journey to Silius (Sunsoft, 1990) is one of those games that has pretty generic gameplay but a REALLY cool soundtrack. The game itself is a run ‘n gun shooter with robots, bottomless pits, and laser guns – not really too much to write home about. However, the composers (particularly Naoki Kodaka) really got a lot out of the NES soundchip for this one, using sampled bass through the DPCM channel to give the game a much better sound (at the expense of additional storage).

Journey to Silius – “Stage 2” (Nobuyuki, Marumo, Naoki Kodaka)

The “Stage 2” theme is one of the best in the soundtrack, which is just chock full of great tunes. It also stands out as one of the longer BGM tunes on the NES with a loop of 3:26 – the length of a standard pop song. It’s got a nice driving bass line that keeps the track moving forward. Square waves compose the main melody, and there is plenty of variation on the theme. The track plays in a green-tinted underground bunker, and provides a slower pace from the faster-paced theme of Stage 1. Definitely one of the best chip tunes out there.

Journey to Silius was composed by several people: Nobuyuki Hara, Marumo, Shinichi Seya, Naoki Kodaka, and Mabochan. However, I’m not 100% sure who composed this piece, but it was probably Naoki Kodaka, who is also known for his work on Albert Odyssey and Afterburner.

There’s actually a pretty fun rock mix album JURN3Y 2 51L1U5 that I found on vgmdb.


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