Castle Crashers – Four Brave Champions (David Orr)

November 14, 2009

“Four Brave Champions” is truly epic with a good infusion of castle storming, clashing knights, shining swords, and other medieval action. It was the product of a contest by Castle Crashers‘ developers, The Behemoth, for the Newgrounds community to produce songs that might be used in the game.  In this regard, the soundtrack to Castle Crashers is pretty unique because most tracks were independently produced. Incidentally, most of the soundtrack is available through Newgrounds, but as far as I know, nobody except myself had ever compiled a complete selection of all the game’s music.

Castle Crashers – “Four Brave Champions” (David Orr)

“Four Brave Champions” plays in both the title screen as well as the ending. The game’s ending is actually pretty cool and has a Metal Slug feel to it, with the player flying over the battlefield he has just fought through, giving a sense of awe at the destruction just wrought. It’s just completely full of knightly testosterone and awesome. David Orr has composed a few other pieces that have found their way into flash games, but none seem to have had quite the news coverage as Castle Crashers. Then again, the kid’s only 20…


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