Bound Together – Get on the Bus (rem. Virt)

November 10, 2009

Ok, so Mondays are normally 8-bit Mondays, but this week, 8-bit Monday is an 8-bit Tuesday. The reason is I stopped at Chicago Midway Airport on the way back home from Boston and tracked down the House of Blues, which has some really awesome statues of the Blues Brothers (one dancing, the other sitting). The Blues Brothers happens to be my favorite film (which is saying quite a bit!), so this has been one pilgrimage spot on my list for awhile. I replaced my old, beat-up Blues Brothers T with a brand new one and got my picture taken with the statues. After meeting some of my old friends and seeing the BB statues, I think I can die a happy man now (at least until tomorrow). Anyway, what does the Blues Brothers and a trip home have to do with this Daily?

Bound Together – Get on the Bus (rem. Virt)

Well, “Get on the Bus” is a medley of the photo shoot, city, and bus themes from EarthBound (aka Mother 2, 1992), along with most of the songs played by the Runaway Five, the game’s nod to the Blues Brothers. The band’s leaders, Lucky and Gorgeous, even resemble Jake and Ellwood a little, though this time the entire band is dressed in black (they also have mustaches, giving similarities to Mario and Luigi). Interesting is that they are known as the “Tonzura Brothers” in Japan (means “The Escaping Brothers”). This group of R&B musicians manages to spend away all their money and get locked in a contract at wherever their last gig was. Ness and his friends save the day by paying off their debt and the band gets on a bus and drives through the ghost-infected tunnel, driving the evil spirits away with their blues beat!

It’s a pretty slick beat, capturing the feel of the city as well as that ‘get up and go’ of dancing and travel, two of the Blues Brothers’ hallmarks. The synths are fantastic, with a lot of spirit behind them, and the arrangement is also well done with excellent transitions and a moving rhythm. Jake and Ellwood would be proud! Anyway, here’s some cool fanart from that scene:

The original songs were composed by Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka, and this version was remixed by Virt (aka Jake Kaufman) for Bound Together. Interestingly, some of the tracks that make up the Runaway Five’s musical venue are based off pop songs (such as “Give Me Money”). Finally, what’s also cool is that I just found out there is a vgm jazz band who call themselves The Runaway Five. Lay off the booze and women so you can scare away the ghosts, okay, guys!?

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