Metal Slug 3 – Light ‘Em Up (rem. Protricity)

October 29, 2009

Wednesday turns out to be Zombie Day, and you can help fight off the zombiepocalypse with flamethrower-wielding Marco and Tarma of the PFSF (zombies burn real good). Metal Slug 3‘s (2000) “Midnight Wandering” (Hiya!, Bero-ou, Hohi_Hohi, Q_Jiroo, Maitaro) plays in the second level when the soldiers come upon a crashed airplane that Morden’s stahlhelm-wearing soldiers had been conducting zombie experiments in. Or maybe it’s coming from the alien Stonehenge at the end of the level; it’s a bit unclear. The infection has taken over civilians as well as soldiers and it’s a grim task of wiping them out. Get hit with zombie goo, and you turn into a zombie yourself. You’re immune to bullets, but not fire or explosions; a second hit from the zombie goo will cause total body meltdown. So strap on your propane tanks and get torchin’! “Midnight Wandering” was remixed by Protricity as “Light ‘Em Up” and is available through OverClocked ReMix’s website.

Metal Slug 3 – Light ‘Em Up (rem. Protricity)

“Light ‘Em Up” has some great guitar progression and nice references to Metal Slug 1‘s “Main Theme from Metal Slug (Stage 1)” and “Final Attack (Stage 6)”, now mainstays in the series. The heavy minor key works fairly well in conjunction with the major scale of these two tracks. I also like the acoustic guitar at about 2:00. By the way, that ‘telephone’ ringing that happens at around 1:25 is produced by simulating a ‘chord’ by playing a square wave rapidly as an arpeggio. This unique sound was a hallmark of the Commodore 64’s three-channel sound chip and sprung from the limitations of the hardware.

Admittedly, I wasn’t exactly one hundred percent set on using this song as today’s Daily. For one thing, it needs a tad bit more variety and runs a little long. For another, the mixer, Protricity, was blamed for hacking that eventually lead to the shutdown of the once incredibly awesome VGMix 2.0, and quite frankly, the site hasn’t recovered (mainly because they can’t design a decent user interface and search function worth spit. Thankfully, they host Dwelling of Duels, which makes up for most of it). I guess he was even banned from OCR. While his compositions are for the most part really good, this unfortunately doesn’t make me embrace his work wholeheartedly.


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