The Dark Side of Phobos – Hangarmageddon (“e1m1” rem. Evil Horde)

October 27, 2009

What Halloween week would be complete without a reference to everybody’s favorite love it/hate it FPS, Doom (1993). The game has been blamed for just about everything, from the genesis of an entire genre to the fall of Western civilization to one of the worst movies of all time to one of the most important videogames worth preserving at Stanford University (and here I just thought it was a game!). Doom (1993) was composed by Bobby Prince. This remix of the classic first level theme, “At Doom’s Gate – E1M1” (Episode 1, Mission 1), is from The Dark Side of Phobos (2005), another album project from Overclocked ReMix.

The Dark Side of Phobos – Hangarmageddon (rem. Evil Horde)

“Hangarmageddon” is a wonderful guitar cover of the original. The track is heavily guitar-driven, with plenty of variation on just a few basic notes. While it ends up being a bit long in places, it has some nice breaks, such as the shotgun load sfx at around 1:32. Incidentally, in the official soundtrack, DOOM Music (1997), “e1m1” had been remixed with a complete set of sound effects from the game. Sadly, the track was not featured in the soundtrack to the cringingly awful DOOM motion picture.

“e1m1” is practically synonymous with Doom. It is the most widely recognized track from the games, and a fitting track for Halloween Week. Oddly enough, the PlayStation and Saturn ports of the game opted for a much more atmospheric soundtrack, which is much less interesting than the original. The track has been remixed numerous times, including another slick guitar cover from the Classic DOOM 3 Mod Project.

One piece of interest about the Doom soundtrack is that the music has allegedly borrowed guitar riffs from other popular music, in the case of “e1m1,” Metallica’s “No Remorse.” (This is probably why it failed to find a spot in the film.)

Incidentally, I can’t imagine why religious conservatives would hate this game. You mean fighting demons is a bad thing? (Might the blood, guns, and pentagrams have had something to do with it…)


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