Bound Together – This Drugstore Sells Sparks! (Ailsean)

October 23, 2009

Today’s Daily tune is “The Drugstore Sells Sparks!” a remix of the EarthBound (1992) ‘shop music’ by Ailsean (2005). The original track is “Humoresque of a Little Dog,” originally composed by Hip Tanaka for the Japanese prequel, Mother, 1989. EarthBound’s Japanese title is Mother 2, and this game also features a version of this song.

Bound Together – The Drugstore Sells Sparks! (Ailsean)

Contrary to popular belief, shop music is NOT fun to listen to while you’re working retail (not that retail is usually fun to begin with!). It makes me wonder why videogame shopkeepers are forced to listen to this stuff all day (maybe that’s why their worlds are so screwed up!). It might be fun to listen to if you’re shopping, but I have yet to try putting a bunch of shop music together and walk through stores with an mp3 player. Just thank God you don’t work at Mallo Mart…

Ailsean’s rendition of the theme is loads of fun, and one of my favorites on the Bound Together album. It does a great job of capturing the quirky feel of the series, and  I really enjoy the off-beat percussion, which sounds like some guy built a banjo out of trashcan lids.

EarthBound is the second, and so far only game released in the US was elegantly and extensively reviewed by Tim Rogers). Actually, the album is now called Bound Together: Rebound – An EarthBound Remix Project (2006), because the music was updated with several extra tracks. It was produced through a collaboration of vgm remix artists from Overclocked ReMix, the premier site for vgm remixes in the US.


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