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October 20, 2009

Videogame Music Daily is designed to help introduce people to videogame music, or vgm. VGM is a dynamic musical form that produces far more variety than the chiptunes of the past, including majestic orchestral scores and poignant character themes. While some people may dismiss vgm offhand as ‘background music’ or ‘repetitive’ or categorize it as music from the original hardware.

I intend to post one song daily and promise a great variety of music to help expose viewers to the diversity of styles that define vgm. While the first few songs may be oldschool, this is to help set the foundations for the rest of the music to come. (And what better way to begin with the most famous piece of vgm of all time, the Super Mario Bros. theme!) And don’t worry – there will be plenty of variety, as I can easily pick over 365 excellent tunes. Sometimes the songs will be ones that I think people should here; other times, it will reflect how I’m feeling that day.

Each song will include a little commentary that might help you think about the song differently, but the ultimate goal is to just listen to the music and enjoy!


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